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Bumpy Knocks Noddy Over at the Garage
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First edition: 1957
Publisher: BeStime
Illustrator: Peter Wienk
Category: BeStime Plywood Jigsaws - 1957 Series
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Games, Puzzles & Toys

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The picture is taken from Noddy Goes to Sea (Noddy Library No. 18) (page 21)

Temporary picture taken from the book
Although these jigsaws were issued in sets of four over a number of years they all carry the same date so I have grouped them together as one series. I have kept them in the chronological order of the books that the illustrations were originally taken from. It is likely that there are others which will come to light and I will add them as they do. All the jigsaws came as 60 pieces (yellow) and 12 pieces (red) and they were all sized 9" X 7".