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Mr Monkey Glues the Horses' Tails
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First edition: 1957
Publisher: BeStime
Illustrator: Robert Lee
Category: BeStime Plywood Jigsaws - 1957 Series
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Games, Puzzles & Toys

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The picture is taken from Do Look Out, Noddy! (Noddy Library No. 15) (page 37)

Although these jigsaws were issued in sets of four over a number of years they all carry the same date so I have grouped them together as one series. I have kept them in the chronological order of the books that the illustrations were originally taken from. It is likely that there are others which will come to light and I will add them as they do. All the jigsaws came as 60 pieces (yellow) and 12 pieces (red) and they were all sized 9" X 7".