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Bo Peep's Bumper Book [1928]
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First edition: 1927
Publisher: Amalgamated Press
Cover Art: Florence M. Leicester
Illustrator: listed with contents
Category: Cassell's Bo Peep
Genre: Mixed
Type: Blyton Contributions

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List of Contents

  1. Jig, Jog, and Bobolinks
    Illustrations: Janet E. Murray
    Story: Specially Written
  2. Who Is It?
    Illustrations: Ethel K. Burgess
    Poem: Specially Written
  3. Binkle's Splendid Idea
    Illustrations: Harry Rountree
    Story: Specially Written
  4. Candleshoe's Magic Bottle
    Illustrations: Lunt Roberts
    Story: Specially Written
  5. A Terrible To-Do [credited to Becky Kent]
    Illustrations: Doris H. Bowden
    Story: Specially Written
  6. The Nursery Snow Man [credited to Audrey St. Lo]
    Illustrations: Sylvia I. Venus
    Story: Specially Written
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