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Cassell's Children's Annual [1926]
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First edition: 1925
Publisher: Cassell
Cover Art: W. Twightman
Illustrator: listed with contents
Category: Cassell's Children's Annuals
Genre: Mixed
Type: Blyton Contributions

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List of Contents

  1. Brer Rabbit's Trick [not credited to EB]
    Illustrations: Ernest Aris
    Story: Specially Written
  2. Fairy Saucepans [not credited to EB]
    Illustrations: Horace J. Knowles
    Story: Specially Written
  3. Prince Paul Percival
    Illustrations: not illustrated
    Poem: Specially Written
  4. The Magic Duster [not credited to EB]
    Illustrations: Florence M. Anderson
    Story: Specially Written
[ ] indicates the original title
Cassell's Children's Annuals for [1924] and 1932 which are pictured below have also been checked, but neither book has any Blyton contributions in it.