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The Flopperty Bird and Other Stories
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First edition: 2002
Publisher: Award
Illustrator: Lesley Smith
Category: Award Popular Rewards
Genre: Mixed
Type: Short Story Series Books

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List of Contents

  1. The Flopperty Bird
    Story: The Teacher's Treasury [Vol. 1], The Home Library Book Company 1926
  2. The Gossamer Elf
    Story: Tales of Green Hedges, National Magazine Co. 1946
  3. The Poor Old Teddy
    Story: The Enid Blyton Holiday Book, Sampson Low 1946
  4. The Little Singing Kettle
    Story: My Enid Blyton Book [No.1 1948], Latimer House 1948
  5. The Floating Duck
    Story: The Magic Knitting Needles and Other Stories
  6. You Musn't Do That!
    Story: Daily Mail Annual for Boys and Girls [1944], Daily Mail 1944
  7. The Three Chocolate Bears
    Story: The Little White Duck and Other Stories
  8. The Toys' Great Adventure
    Story: untraced story
  9. The Magic Pinny-Minny Flower
    Story: Enid Blyton's Bedtime Annual [1967], World Distributors 1966
  10. Look Out, Busy-Body!
    Story: The Tenth Holiday Book, Sampson Low 1955
  11. Ginger Really is a Help
    Story: Enid Blyton's Big Storytime Book, Purnell 1956
  12. The Magic Sweetshop
    Story: The Enid Blyton Holiday Book, Sampson Low 1946
  13. Teddy and the Elves [The Golliwog and the Wireless]
    Story: The Fourth Holiday Book, Sampson Low 1949
  14. Wanted—A Royal Snow-Digger
    Story: I'll Tell You Another Story, Macmillan 1943
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