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The Six Red Wizards and Other Stories
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First edition: 2001
Publisher: Award
Illustrator: Toni Goffe
Category: Award Popular Rewards
Genre: Mixed
Type: Short Story Series Books

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List of Contents

  1. The Six Red Wizards
    Story: Enid Blyton's Storytime Book
  2. The Wonderful Teddy Bear
    Story: untraced story
  3. The Lucky Jackdaw
    Story: Enid Blyton's Twelfth Tell-a-Story Book
  4. Mr Twiddle and the Sweets [The Enchanted Sweets]
    Story: Sunny Stories No.68 Apr 29, 1938
  5. What a Good Thing!
    Story: Enid Blyton's Good Morning Book
  6. The Remarkable Tail
    Story: untraced story
  7. The Dancing Doll
    Story: Daily Mail Annual for Boys and Girls [1944]
  8. Mr Pippin's Lemonade
    Story: Let's Read
  9. The Silly Monkey
    Story: untraced story
  10. When Mr Pink-Whistle Met the Twins
    Story: Mr. Pink-Whistle's Big Book
  11. A Surprise for Jimmy
    Story: The Astonishing Ladder and Other Stories
  12. The Biscuit in the Chimney
    Story: Enid Blyton's Fourteenth Tell-a-Story Book
  13. A Pennyworth of Kindness
    Story: Enid Blyton's Marigold Story Book
  14. Pussy's Ride
    Story: untraced story
  15. The Toys and the Goblins
    Story: Daily Mail Annual for Boys and Girls [1945]
  16. The Cross Old Man {Dan and Daisy}
    Story: Enid Blyton's Marigold Story Book
  17. The Disappointed Sprites
    Story: Teacher's Treasury Vol.1
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