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The Three Strange Travellers and Other Stories
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First edition: 2000
Publisher: Award
Illustrator: Val Biro
Category: Award Popular Rewards
Genre: Mixed
Type: Short Story Series Books

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List of Contents

  1. The Three Strange Travellers
    Story: Chimney Corner Stories
  2. The Marvellous Pink Vase
    Story: Now For a Story
  3. Mr Stamp-About in a Fix
    Story: Enid Blyton's Fifteenth Tell-a-Story Book
  4. Goofy Isn't Very Clever
    Story: Enid Blyton's Sixth Bedside Book
  5. Mr Miggle's Spectacles
    Story: I'll Tell You a Story
  6. The Roundabout Man
    Story: Sunny Stories No.405 May 16, 1947
  7. Poor Bunny's Whiskers
    Story: Sunny Stories No.18 May 13, 1937
  8. Matilda Screams the House Down!
    Story: A Second Book of Naughty Children
  9. Something Funny Going On
    Story: Enid Blyton's Magazine No.9 Vol.5 Apr 24, 1957
  10. The Tippitty Bird's Feather
    Story: Enid Blyton's Buttercup Story Book
  11. He Wouldn't Wipe His Shoes
    Story: A Second Book of Naughty Children
  12. Mother Hubbard's Honey
    Story: Enid Blyton's Bedside Book - Number Fourteen
  13. Mr Stamp-About Goes Shopping
    Story: Enid Blyton's Magazine No.6 Vol.5 Mar 13, 1957
  14. Jane Goes Out to Stay
    Story: Enid Blyton's Seventh Tell-a-Story Book
  15. Foolish Mr Wop
    Story: Six o'Clock Tales
  16. The Little Boy Who Peeped
    Story: Sunny Stories No.471 Dec 9, 1949
  17. The Forgetful Girl
    Story: Sunny Stories No.221 Apr 4, 1941