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Enid Blyton's Bedtime Annual (1970)
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First edition: 1969
Publisher: World Distributors
Illustrator: Jo Berriman
Category: Enid Blyton's Bedtime Annuals
Genre: Mixed
Type: Annuals

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List of Contents

  1. A Tale of the Blue Eyed Cat [It Really Served Him Right]
    Story: The Sixth Holiday Book
  2. Wake Up!
    Poem: Sunny Stories No.110 Feb 17, 1939
  3. The Birthday Spell [Derek's Loose Tooth]
    Story: The Sixth Holiday Book
  4. The Snowman's Mistake
    Poem: Sunny Stories No.106 Jan 20, 1939
  5. I'm Rich Today
    Poem: Sunny Stories No.124 May 26, 1939
  6. Silly-One and Artful
    Story: Tales of Green Hedges
  7. Foxglove Mats
    Poem: Sunny Stories No.130 Jul 7, 1939
  8. The Cuckoo
    Poem: Sunny Stories No.120 Apr 28, 1939
  9. The Lost Princess [Lost a Beautiful Princess]
    Story: Sunny Stories for Little Folks No.65 Mar 1929
  10. Tale of a Tail [Michael's Tail]
    Story: Enid Blyton's Second Bedside Book
  11. November Fog
    Poem: Sunny Stories No.96 Nov 11, 1938
  12. Fireworks
    Poem: Sunny Stories No.95 Nov 4, 1938
  13. The Surprising Saucepan
    Story: Enid Blyton's Buttercup Story Book
  14. The Sea
    Poem: Sunny Stories No.87 Sep 9, 1938
  15. The Monkey and the Popgun
    Story: The Sixth Holiday Book
  16. Rabbits
    Poem: Sunny Stories No.126 Jun 2, 1939
  17. Goodbye Swallows
    Poem: Sunny Stories No.90 Sep 30, 1938
  18. The Mary Jane
    Poem: Sunny Stories No.81 Jul 29, 1938
  19. The Ride to Happiness [Rosamund and the King]
    Story: Sunny Stories for Little Folks No.66 Mar 1929
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