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Volume XXX. Issue 1003. Evans Brothers. December 19, 1923.
From My Window Enid Blyton's Weekly Talk
A Dinner in Lilliput
(p 623) (written 9/12/23)
I had the privilege to be there. Not as a guest (for I am unhappily nearer the height...)
A Christmas Story
Fairy's Love
(p 626)
(ill Phyllis Chase)
(written 22/11/23)
Once upon a time there was a boy called Paul, who was very unhappy. He lived in a tiny...
A Christmas Poem
Christmas Secrets
(p 631) (9v X 2)
(ill Phyllis Chase)
(written 6/12/23)
Christmas is a lovely time, but what I like the best,
Is having secrets, all myself, that no one else has guessed.
'From My Window' Article
Uncollected Story and Poem