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Volume XXX. Issue 996. Evans Brothers. November 7, 1923.
(p 330) (4v X 4)
(ill Phyllis Chase)
Down the river sail the ships, and every single day
I watch them from the window after tea;
Who I'd Be
(p 330) (5v X 4)
(ill Phyllis Chase)
(written 8/1/23)
If I could choose who I would be, I wonder who I'd say;
I wonder if I'd chose to be the boy across the way.
The Window Angel
(p 330) (8v X 4)
(ill Phyllis Chase)
(written 7/1/23)
Yesterday was washing-day, and Nurse had lots to do,
And so she sent me by myself to buy some washing-blue.
Cart Horses
(p 330) (6v X 4)
(ill Phyllis Chase)
(written 20/3/23)
Often down our village street,
Ringing loud and clear,
A Play (For Children Aged 9-14)
A Regular Muddle Act III
(p 347) (continued from No. 994) (written 16/4/23 & 17/4/23)
Prime Minister: Snap! That's mine, Mollie.
From My Window Enid Blyton's Weekly Talk
Other People's Shoes
(p 353) (written 28/10/23)
There are few people who, entirely contented with their lot, have never wished ...
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