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Volume XLIV. Issue 1441. Evans Brothers. January 7, 1931.
Enid Blyton's Children's Page (p 573)
Photograph of some of the pigeons by the round pond
The Donkey That Laughed
Mr Straw, the farmer, had a donkey that pulled him along in a little cart. The donkey was...
(used in Five-Minute Tales [Methuen, October 1933])
(also used in Happy Stories (Treasure Trove I) [A. Wheaton & Co. Ltd., April 1934])
A Short Puzzle For You
Enid Blyton's Letter
Dear Boys and Girls, Well, here you are, all back at school again, and I hope you had a very jolly...
A Letter from Bobs
Dear Children, Isn't it a pity Christmas is over! Mistress says it won't come again for twelve...
(used in Letters From Bobs (Letter no. 52) [Privately Printed, October 1933])
Enid Blyton's and Bobs' Letters