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Volume XLIV. Issue 1440. Evans Brothers. December 31, 1930.
Enid Blyton's Children's Page (p 543)
Picture of Bimbo climbing out of a Wellington boot
The Little New Year
(3v X 4)
Oh, little New Year, we are glad you have come,
You'll bring us the snowdrop and crocus again,
(used in The Enid Blyton Poetry Book [Methuen, September 1933])
What's Happening Here?
Nig and Nog were two gnomes. They wore green and brown suits, pointed caps and very long...
(used in Round the Year Stories [W. & A.K.Johnston, July 1937])
Enid Blyton's Letter
Dear Girls and Boys, Although you will get this letter the week after Christmas, I am writing...
A Letter from Bobs
Dear Children, The holly has come, and the mistletoe, but Christmas hasn't. Mistress says it...
Enid Blyton's and Bobs' Letters