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Volume XLIV. Issue 1438. Evans Brothers. December 17, 1930.
Enid Blyton's Children's Page (p 476)
Christmas Card from Enid Blyton's Animals (Dion, Bobs, Captain, Patabang and a kitten)
The Little Christmas Tree
In the middle of the garden grew a little Chistmas Tree. For four years it had been dug up...
A Christmas Puzzle For You
(A puzzle)
Enid Blyton's Letter
Dear Boys and Girls, Next week it is Christmas! Aren't you getting excited? I am! Already...
A Letter from Bobs
Dear Children, I'm so happy to-day that I'm pleased to say my letter is all in rhyme; oh isn't...
(used in Letters From Bobs (Letter no. 51) [Privately Printed, October 1933])
Uncollected Story
Enid Blyton's and Bobs' Letters