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Volume XLII. Issue 1389. Evans Brothers. January 8, 1930.
Enid Blyton's Children's Page (p 739)
Photograph of Enid's pigeon-cote
The Vain Duck
There was once a duck who was very proud of her fine white feathers. One day she had a...
(used in Enid Blyton's Ninth Bedside Book [Arthur Barker, July 1957])
The New Year
(4v: 3 X 4, 1 X 2)
What will the New Year bring? I know!
Hosts of daffodils all abloom
Enid Blyton's Letter
Dear Boys and Girls, A Happy New Year to you! Did you all have a lovely Christmas?
A Letter from Bobs
Dear Children, Oh, wasn't Christmas lovely? Thank you for all your fine presents. I have...
Uncollected Poem
Enid Blyton's and Bobs' Letters