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The Leicester Advertiser


Volume LXXXIII. Issue 4952. November 24, 1923.
Special Home Number Supplement
Rather Mixed
(p 21) (4v X 4)
(illustration by Phyllis Chase)
(written 28/1/23)
Have you heard a poppy pop,
It's such a curious sound?
Going Out to Tea
(p 26) (4v X 4)
(2 x illustrations by Phyllis Chase)
(written 11/3/23)
The day is very hot indeed,
The sun is shining bright,
The Giant's Christmas Tree
(p 27) (4v X 4)
Away in the fields is a chestnut tree,
Growing along by the stream,
Clever Gyp - When Jack and Joan were Lost
(p 29)
(2 x illustrations by Phyllis Chase)
Jack and Joan wanted to go out, but Mummy was too busy to take them.
Listening In
(p 32) (3v X 4)
(written 11/1/23)
In our nursery, after tea,
We're as quiet as can be,
Uncollected Story with Phyllis Chase Illustrations