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Good Housekeeping


Volume L. Issue 6. National Magazine Co., Limited. December 1946.
Enid Blyton's Pages for Children (p 46 & 47) (full colour)
(ill Stanley Jackson)
"The Wonderful Conjurer"
(Dan and Daisy)
Dan and Daisy had two white mice for Christmas. They were so pleased. The mice were dear...
(used in Enid Blyton's Water-Lily Story Book [John Gifford, May 1953])
Tiny Tales - untitled [The Christmas Mouse]
(A Tiny Tale)
On Christmas Eve Tiny hung up her stocking at the end of her cot. "Father Christmas will...
(used in Tiny Tales [Littlebury & Company, November 1949])
Golly the Wog and Jumpy the Kitten
(Picture Strip - 4 frames)
(uncollected 'Golly and Jumpy' 16)
Golly and Jumpy got a nice job to do at Christmas-time. They dug up Christmas Trees for...
Country Corner Holly Mistletoe
Now comes December, the month of the holly and the mistletoe. We wait for you out in the ...