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Good Housekeeping


Volume XLVIII. Issue 6. National Magazine Co., Limited. December 1945.
Enid Blyton's Pages for Children (p 22 & 23) (full colour)
(ill Jaxon)
On Christmas Night
(Dan and Daisy)
"Now you twins must go to sleep quickly or Santa Claus won't come and fill your stockings,"...
(used in Enid Blyton's Foxglove Story Book [John Gifford, September 1955])
Tiny's Christmas Party
(A Tiny Tale)
Granny always had a party at Christmas. Tiny loved going. This year there was a big Christmas...
(used in Tiny Tales [Littlebury & Company, November 1949])
Golly the Wog and Jumpy the Kitten
(Picture Strip - 4 frames)
(uncollected 'Golly and Jumpy' 4)
"Let's get work with Santa Claus!" said Golly. "It will soon be Christmas. We will go to his Castle."
Nature Notes
Even in December we can find many things to bring home with us from a walk.
Illustrations, the Uncollected Picture Strip and Nature Notes