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Good Housekeeping


Volume LII. Issue 6. National Magazine Co., Limited. December 1947.
Enid Blyton's Pages for Children (p 42 & 43) (full colour)
(ill Stanley Jackson)
The Lost Presents
(Dan and Daisy)
Dan had made a present for everybody. He had carved a top for Daisy, a pipe-rack for his father,...
(used in Enid Blyton's Snowdrop Story Book [John Gifford, May 1952])
Tiny Tales - untitled [The Doll's Christmas Stocking]
(A Tiny Tale)
Tiny had a doll called Josie. She loved her very much. She dressed and undressed her every day,...
(used in Tiny Tales [Littlebury & Company, November 1949])
(Golly and Jumpy) (Picture Strip - 4 frames)
(uncollected 'Golly and Jumpy' 28)
"Let's go and ask Santa Claus if he would like us to groom his reindeer for him," said Jumpy.
Nature Corner
The Robin
(2v X 4)
Here I am with chest puffed out
To keep away the cold,