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Child Education


Volume II. Issue 11. Evans Brothers. September 1925.
Harvest Time in School
A Harvest Thanksgiving Dialogue
(Play) (p 459-460)
(credited to Audry Saint Lo)
(ill HC)
MARROW: Here comes the sun to say goodnight. His fingers feel so warm that I really...

An Autumn Rhyme Sheet (p 461) (6v X 4)
(credited to Audry Saint Lo)
(6 x ill by Phyllis Chase)
The Secret
Nobody knows excepting me,
Who peeps out of our old oak tree,
I Do Like
I don't like lions, I don't like bears,
But I do like peaches, I do like pears,
Little Red Leaves
The little red leaves are glad today
For the wind is blowing them off and away
The Little Smoker
Yesterday, as I ran home to tea
I spied a brownie, as plain as could be
The Tall Daisies
The Michaelmas Daisies have grown so tall
They peep right over the garden wall,
The Magic Key
The Sycamore Tree has lots of keys,
And they tumble and twist in the autumn breeze,