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Welcome to the website of the Enid Blyton Society. Formed in early 1995, the aim of the Society is to provide a focal point for collectors and enthusiasts of Enid Blyton through its magazine The Enid Blyton Society Journal, issued three times a year, its annual Enid Blyton Day, an event which attracts in excess of a hundred members, and its website. Most of the website is available to all, but Society Members have exclusive access to secret parts as well! Join the Society today and start receiving your copy of the Journal three times a year. Don't forget also that we have an Online Shop where you'll find back issues of the Journal as well as rare Enid Blyton biographies, guides and more.

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Posted by Paul Austin on February 15, 2018
Besides Winston Churchill, how many real life people and events turn up in Enid's works?
BarneyBarney says: Quite a few other people are mentioned in The Mystery of the Missing Necklace besides Winston Churchill - Napoleon, Nelson, Queen Elizabeth I and Walter Raleigh. Also, in one of the St. Clare's books the girls go to see the film Clive of India.
Posted by Bookworm on February 15, 2018
I first found Enid Blyton books in my local library. The first one I ever read was Five Go to Smuggler's Top. I really enjoyed it and then went on to read the rest of the series. I have now read all of the Naughtiest Girl books, all of the Famous Five books (which are my favourite), The Sea of Adventure, The Circus of Adventure, the Faraway Tree books (which if I am honest I was at first hesitant to read but soon enjoyed) and I have just started reading the Malory Towers series. I love her books as they are often adventurous/mysterious, containing lots of exciting events/adventures or mysteries. I often wish I could be friends with the characters and be in the book with them!
BarneyBarney says: I know that feeling of longing to be in a book. How I'd love to chase rabbits with Timmy or snap at Goon's ankles with Buster!
Posted by Me on February 11, 2018
I just found this page and I own some of the sunny books. On this site do you sell the books? I am interested in the ones with golliwogs in them. I am 74 and just love them.
BarneyBarney says: We don't sell Enid Blyton books - we just list them and provide images and other information so people can see what was published over the years. However, vintage Blyton books are readily available from websites like eBay and abebooks.
Posted by Paul on February 7, 2018
Blyton's teenagers are oft-criticised for seemingly never reaching puberty - J. K. Rowling remarked about this - but I doubt her target audience wanted to be reminded of it.
BarneyBarney says: Enid Blyton was aware that her books were read by children of all ages and she didn't go into details of physical and emotional changes. An exception was made for The Mystery of the Missing Necklace, where Fatty's broken voice is mentioned because it's relevant to the plot, enabling him to put on adult disguises for the first time. There's also a suggestion of potential romance in the Six Cousins books, when Richard Lawson pays attention to Melisande and Jane, but it's only the faintest hint.
Posted by Ali on February 4, 2018
I read a story called 'The Day the Princess Came'. How many copies are there of Enid Blyton stories and books, and how can I read more stories of Enid Blyton?
BarneyBarney says: Many Enid Blyton books are still in print, Ali. If you go to a website like Amazon and put "Enid Blyton" into the search box, you'll see lots of books come up. If you want secondhand copies you could check jumble sales, charity shops and sites like eBay, etc. Good luck with getting hold of more stories!

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